Theory of Constraints — A Concise, Expert Management Briefing

TOC — PreRequisite Tree

Plans a roadmap through obstacles to a desired Goal

Uses Obstacles as levers, even hand-holds, to get there

Excellent communication tool, especially for teams

The PreRequisite Tree is a Theory of Constraints planning tool that actually uses Obstacles as levers to achieve the end result

Often, the obstacles to achieving something appear to be so large as to make it appear beyond reach. Or at least, to make the path so difficult that it is not easy even to see where to start. Both of which are primary causes of procrastination, of course.

The Prerequisite Tree is a device for forcing out all the obstacles, and identifying ways around or through the obstacles, with the outcome being a clear-cut roadmap to follow. The beauty of the approach is that there are always obstacles to achieving anything worthwhile (or else it would already have been achieved, of course); and, there are always people skilled in seeing these obstacles, to the point where they might not even be able to see the benefits of a solution because all they see are the obstacles they face. This tool makes the obstacles a vital part of the solution itself, and makes the people who are often portrayed as "negative nellies" a vital part of constructing the solution.

Teams find this a particularly useful tool, depicting the big-picture of how they are going to get where they are going, what all the intermediate steps are, what the obstacles are, how they are going to overcome them, and how all the elements come together to provide the solution. With this Theory of Constraints Thinking Process there is never any ambiguity as to who is responsible for what.

Recommended: If you want to learn more on this topic.. Unless you are willing to commit to a workshop with a TOC Expert, you cannot beat the educational material developed by Eli Goldratt, the originator of the Theory of Constraints. He is an amazing teacher.

The 8 Videos in his Satellite Program are a best-buy for a company, intended for use by groups of employees. His provocative coverage of every industrial application of TOC challenges managers to think in new directions, and to recognize the sacred cows in their organization and their own thinking.

The 16-CD Self Learning Program is extracted from the same material but intended for use by individuals on their own PCs, rather than groups.

The TOC Insights is a new interactive PC-based tool for individuals. As a TOC Expert I thought they were too "cute" ... until I used them with clients. They proved to be highly effective learning tools for the 5 major applications, and the Distribution and Supply Chain solution is documented in detail here for the first time anywhere.

Planned: a Monthly TOC EZine This EZine is intended to be 100% practical, offering tips, advice and illustrations of users' experiences with the different TOC applications.

TOC Experts with practical suggestions to real problems encountered with clients will also contribute.

The EZine will promote the use of TOC in combination with other technologies, for improved results.

We will be taking subscriptions soon.





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